April Athlete Spotlight: Julie Wendt

Julie Wendt

My name is Julie Wendt and I started Manta Ray Fitness when it launched this past January.  I am an animal trainer by profession and there is a necessity to stay relatively fit, if anything, out of shame since my daily uniform is a tight wet suit. I have a history of fluctuating in weight and my love for food (notably all things chocolate) took over (again) and the pounds piled on and my wet suit size went up.  I needed an intervention, some inspiration and motivation to make the changes I desperately wanted… but needed support.  Coach Sue stepped in and saved the day and reached out to me.  I’ve made the commitment to be consistent and it has so far paid off in more ways than one.  Not only am I gaining strength and endurance each week, but am losing inches and feeling great.  The coaching is always on point and the variety in classes is my favorite.  Scheduling classes at the start of the week keeps me accountable and for the first time, I don’t dread going to the gym.  I’m confident I’ll reach my goals by summer and look dang good in a bikini ; )  or at least in my wet suit, ha!!