Cardio Boxing

Take an hour out of your day to let off some steam. This class provides a combination of traditional boxing gym styles on the speed bag, hea…

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Endurance Rush

Rush is created for those who wish to focus on cardio-respiratory efficiency. This class is designed to stay moving for most of the 1 hour c…

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Manta Ray Yoga is effective yoga for anyone who wishes to improve their physical and mental fitness capacity. The biggest misconception with…

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HIIT Fit is one of the greatest classes in the area! The basis of HIIT is High Intensity Interval Training. In this class, we will use a bro…

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Core Crush

Core Crush is a 25-minute class focused on your core! Core is not just limited to the abdominals, but your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and lo…

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Nutrition and Guidance

Proper nutrition and lifestyle choices are vital to reaching your maximum health and fitness potential. It is for this reason that Manta Ray Fitness…

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Kettlebell Krunch

Kettlebell Krunch is a signature class of Manta Ray Fitness. During this class, you will do a combination of functional kettlebell movements…

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Crossfit OnRamp

Regardless of if you are in great shape or not, On Ramp will teach you the foundational movements needed to perform all CrossFit exercises, …

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Cardio Pilates

This is an hour long class. Each class consists of 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of Pilates movements. Be prepared to work hard. The …

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