Manta Ray Yoga is effective yoga for anyone who wishes to improve their physical and mental fitness capacity. The biggest misconception with yoga is that you need to be flexible in order to practice. On the contrary, yoga is used to increase flexibility. In time, yoga will increase your flexibility therefore increasing your range of motion and mobility. With this flexibility, injury prevention is lowered and general stiffness and aches are reduced. Post workout pain is minimized. Stretching is important for a plethora of reasons. Especially in the fitness world, stretching can help to alleviate low back pain caused by tight quads and hip flexors. Stretching will aid in improved circulation, hence detoxing your body. Yoga reinforces posture and balance. With both realms of fitness, we are looking to keep neutral spinal position and work from core to appendages. Yoga helps you focus. Controlling your breath and creating awareness of your body are paramount in practicing yoga.

  1. It develops your ability to balance
  2. It gives your body time to relax and recover
  3. It improves range of motion
  4. It teaches you breathing techniques to enhance focus
  5. IT IS FUN!!!