February Testimonial: Ivy Carrasquillo

Ivy Carrasquillo

I have never been an athletic person, but do like to be as active as possible.  As I am getting older, I realize how important it is to be active and also nutritionally sound.

A couple of years ago I started doing the Whole30 and needed to start working out.  I was approached by Coach Sue about joining CrossFit Manta Ray, a little intimated at first, but I thought “okay I am up for the challenge”.  I signed up for the New Year New You Challenge.  After my first class I understood why people were addicted to this type of workout.  Not only were the workouts challenging but I was seeing results. I loved how the all Coaches would be there to help you and show you the proper technique, like you were never alone in this journey.  As life does, it threw me a curve ball and because of my work schedule I eventually quit, but never losing the desire to come back.  I did work out at other facilities but they were not the same.

Fast forward to this past December, when again I was approached by Coach Sue and she told me about the new programs they were coming up with at Manta Ray Fitness.  I was determined to make the time, so I signed up for classes again.  Let’s just say, although I have been sore, I haven’t regretted a bit of it.  I came back and felt like I never left the Manta Ray family.  I love the variety of classes offered, and the coaches continue to challenge and support me. There is never a dull moment.  I have tried several of the classes they offered and each one is unique in its own way.  Looking forward to this new journey!