June AOTM: “A Manta Rey Family” with Jessica Rey

From the Coaches: “Jessica has been with us at Manta Ray now for awhile along with her entire family. Her children, Samantha and JD, were our first kids enrolled at CrossFit Manta Ray Kids. Jessica’s husband Jay is also a member of CrossFit Manta Ray and Manta Ray Fitness. Jessica herself played soccer at the collegiate level and is still every bit of a competitor. She comes in early, works hard, and is a joy to have in class. We’re glad to have Jessica and the entire Rey family as part of Manta Ray!”

Jessica Rey

Being an athlete for 20+ years, I have had my share of experiences, coaches, injuries and surgeries. I originally started out at Manta Ray as a CrossFitter, but as much as I enjoyed the atmosphere and challenge, my body refused to respond. The movements started taking a toll on me and I was left with no other option but to leave CrossFit.

Fast forward almost a year later, I am now a die-hard HIITer! I love the challenge of the workouts and I especially enjoy how responsive my body and mind continue to be. There have been a few 5:00 a.m. morning HIIT classes when it’s just Coach Chris and me or Coach Sebastian and me. Rather than being disappointed that they woke up so early to train just ONE person, they remain positive and are able to motivate and coach me. They definitely make my efforts of staying in shape worth it.

Even though I can’t hang with the 20 year olds, I know that I’ve never felt as strong as I do today. Working out is a part of my life and I’m grateful that I was able to share my CrossFit experience with my kids, JD and Samantha, and now my HITT experiences with my husband, Jay.